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CINDX provides a platform that allows investor to choose a manager for his or her portfolio and securely trade cryptocurrencies, for a reasonable success fee. Using CINDX, investors can now access a range of verifiable, transparent statistics pertaining to individual managers in order to choose a suitable trading strategy.



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68 days
26 Dec 2018

Price in ICO1 CINX = 1 USD
preICO start26 Aug 2018
preICO end7 Oct 2018
ICO start8 Oct 2018
ICO end26 Dec 2018

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The trouble with investing in cryptocurrency markets is that it is often a wild, uncharted territory. Currently, few investors have the knowledge to consistently and successfully profit in the market compared to the number of those with experience in the more familiar but much less rewarding traditional markets. There is now a fitting solution for investors who would rather not manage their savings on their own: CINDX. CINDX allows absolutely anybody to invest in the crypto market, and see returns without possessing any specialized knowledge or skill.

CINDX provides a platform that allows any investor to choose a manager for his or her portfolio and securely trade cryptocurrencies for a reasonable success fee. Using CINDX, Investors can now access a range of verifiable, transparent statistics pertaining to individual Managers in order to choose a suitable trading strategy. These statistics include a Manager’s performance history, investment risk level, type of cryptocurrency traded, among other things. With these statistics in hand, Investors can find the optimal solution for management of their assets.

CINDX shifts the paradigm of the current "manager-investor" relationship towards depersonalized fair-play solutions. While the industry suggests selecting a manager based on the average results of their trading, - CINDX provides full, transparent access to success and failure statistics for all
Managers registered on the platform. And because everything is recorded on the CINDX blockchain - there are never any inaccurate values, creative accounting, or imposed accountancy.


Yuri Avdeev
Chief Executive Officer
Val Jerdes
Product Director

Mofassair Hossain
Advisor, PR & Marketing Expert
Artur Shamalov
Investment Director
Denis Eskenazi
Product Marketing Director
Ibraghim Haniev
Tech Lead
Airat Shayhulov
Head of Quantitative Research Department
Sofja Pevzner
Personal data officer
Jelena Karzetskaja
Compliance Adviser
Keith Teare
Advisor, Entrepreneur
Austin Kimm
Philip Staehelin
Tyler Sanford
Advisor, Branding and Web development
Sadie Hutton
VP, Marketing Strategy
Jason King
Motti Peer
Co-CEO @Blonde 2.0


  • At first we are building the base for the CINDX platform. At this step Minimum Viable
    Product is developed, MVP allows an access to exchanges and replication protocol. A large portion
    of our resources is allocated to the scalability of the platform as well as its security.

  • CINDX.alpha version of the platform includes a blockchain architecture and a basic system
    of settlement via smart contracts. Components and are going through
    some alterations with added functionalities.

  • Based on the blockchain architecture in CINDX.alpha version, we produce the
    component, which will allow users to communicate, learn and earn on the useful content. An
    analytical module will be added to the CINDX.core component of the platform to analyze the market
    information and present it to the third-party services. A new component CINDX.hub enables to
    develop application to analyze market data that CINDX provides. The team develop a component
    CINDX.dao that is a system for platform’s revenue distribution to its holders.

  • At this stage, components and will be added. Managers can
    create index-based products, and the terminal is integrated with a flexible setting of risk
    management. There is a release of SDK for developers that should simplify an application
    development for CINDX and its implementation.

  • will have public and private channels. At this stage the content can be
    separated. CINDX.hub will have an integration with Github which will simplify application
    development even more.

  • There is a big update for the platform at this stage. Users will be able to store and
    exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat. implicates an extremely flexible system of order
    execution and risk management. CINDX.hub has a full-scale editor for trading strategies with a
    testing system based on historical market data. CINDX.dao receives a voting system for token

  • A tokenized rating at will be added in the final version, as well as a new type of
    product “Algorithmic trading” and a function of automatic arbitrage between exchanges and
    multi-exchange orders. A high-grade platform for a code audit is created, community expert
    assessment based on tokenized rating at is generated. CINDX.dao includes a system of
    delegates so that CINDX becomes more decentralized.


Price in ICO1 CINX = 1 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Fiat
Tokens Distribution51% - Available for Sale
12% - Team
12% - Reserve
9% - Token Liquidity Support
7% - Advisers
6% - Bounty
3% - Traders Recruitment Program
Soft cap3,800,000 USD
Hard cap21,000,000 USD


Legal entity

Savana F. Group OÜ

Registry code 14427370

Harjumaa, Erika 14,

Tallinn, 10416, Estonia

Prehistory of project

No prehistory of project.

Product or its MVP

Demo version of platform with tutorial

Blockchain experience

CMO Mofassair Hossain has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile

Advisor Keith Teare has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile

Advisor Philip Staehelin – Business Development at Blocknify, Advisor at Cryptelo, Bethereum

Advisor Amarpreet Singh has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile

Advisor Tyler Sanford – Advisor DataBlockchain , Einc , Cryptopus , SafeCrypt , ImmVRse , HydroCoin

Advisors Sadie Hutton and Graham Doggart are Managers at Dynamic Abundance and advisors at Fox TradingWorldopolyElysianFlying Money and Profede

Advisor Bogdan Fiedur – Architecture Lead Blockchain at SocialX

Full Stack Developer at Auditchain

Blockchain Expert at SkrapsICO , PayPie

Advisor Motti Peer — Advisor at SELFLLERY


No escrow information.


Update 08.09.2018

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