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Celestial Coin

Celestial coin is cryptocurrency or a digital asset that substitutes actual currency or FIAT currency.



Price in ICODepends on date checkout ICO website https://celestialcoin.co
CountryHong Kong SAR China
ICO start15 Dec 2017
ICO end15 Mar 2018

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Celestial coin is cryptocurrency or a digital asset that substitutes actual currency or FIAT currency. We are a decentralized entity without the hassles and the regulations that entail a traditional bank. Celestial coin has no centralized governing body over it to who decide to mint the tokens or coins, there are only a set amount if Celestial coins in the market that will be provided to the public. Your celestial coin account can never be frozen or shut down by any federal agency in the world.


Our Vision aims to create a global acceptance for cryptocurrency in the various sectors of business and world. We also want to create a celestial network that has the celestial currency as a FIAT currency and provide a safer and cheaper way of making payments around the globe.


Our mission bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and customers globally. We cater to the customers who are hesitant and misunderstand the capability of digital currency to create awareness and acceptability for all cryptocurrencies.

The hash algorithm incorporated is an ever evolving code that gets harder once a block has been mined making the algorithm even stronger and placing the power in the hands of the miners. The miners also have the inclination towards mining the coin. As blocks are solved the difficulty of the algorithm increases. This is because of the rewards that the mining will get to the miners. But this provides a lot of power to the miners as they spend a lot in mining technology. Celestial coin believes that everyone should have the opportunity to gain. We have come up with a revolutionary technology called the mining software. This tech will provide the capability to mine cryptocurrencies from even a laptop sitting anywhere in the world. This technology advancement will make the CELESTIAL coin a stable entity and have acceptance all around the world as one of the leading cryptocurrency.

The mining software is now in the beta testing phase and will soon be completely operational for general use by the global customer. This technology will bring a radical change in the way that people view cryptocurrencies and mining. This tech will not just help the customers gain but also learn a new way or income.


Chris Hu
Chief technical officer
Jessica Trot
Public relations manager
Stewart Price
Blockchain expert


  • - Birth of Idea
    - Assemble a Team of Software Developers to develop the mining software
    - Assemble a Team for handling operations & Partnership ventures

  • - Implementing the Idea for mining software
    - R&D on problems related to the Mining Software and blockchain
    - Development of Blockchain to build a stable Platform
    - Legal formalities completion

  • - Planning Events & Seminars for awareness about the coin and mining software technology
    - Whitepaper specifications
    - Investor meets introducing the mining software

  • - Launch of Token Sale through ICO
    - Testing of Mining software
    - Arranging Events in different countries for Crypto Enthusiasts regarding the mining software

  • - Coin Distribution through ICO
    - Listing of Celestial Coin on different Exchanges

  • - Promoting in different countries
    - Release of Alpha mining software

  • - Occupying Majority Markets
    - Providing fully Integrated Mining software for customers

  • - Worldwide Expansion
    - Improving blockchain to handle remittance
    - Developing a transformational mining software that will orchestrate the evolution of mining, Providing equal rights to every individual thus decentralizing the future.


Price in ICODepends on date checkout ICO website https://celestialcoin.co
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution81% - ICO
10% - Founder Members
9% - Referal bonus
Hard cap21.000.000 CEL


Legal entity

Celestial Coin

Address: 6/F Yen Sheng Centre, 64 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Legal entity doesn’t have any proves on Hong Kong registry sites.

Prehistory of project

No prehistory of project.

Product or its MVP

Customers just have to use their celestial coins and the mining software can run on your personal computers for the allotted amount of time. The customer can mine during that period and if you wish you can regain the software you can get it again with your celestial coins.
No other product or its MVP information.

Blockchain experience

No blockchain experience.


No escrow information


Update 02.02.2018

ICO site provides info about popular cryptocurrency thematic sites like cryptocoinnews.comico.newsbtc.com, cointelegraph.com that their are ICO’s clients, but doesn’t have any publications/articles/ratings on them.


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