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Decentralized Development Automation Platform
Buddy puts application development on autopilot and makes building apps scalable, creating a decentralized DevOps Marketplace and Automation GRID that challenges how today’s developers build, test & deploy their apps.



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8 days
23 Aug 2018

Price in ICO1 BUD = 0.0002 ETH
preICO start23 Aug 2018
preICO end30 Aug 2018
ICO start1 Sep 2018
ICO end29 Oct 2018

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The Idea

Buddy has over 80 carefully crafted automation actions that help users develop and deploy software. The actions are arranged into pipelines, making building, testing and deploying just a matter of a few clicks—even when it comes to complex applications & multi-cloud workflows. To further extend accessibility, the platform is open to third party developers, who can deliver their own actions within the Buddy ecosystem and use them in their own development automation pipelines. Actions: The Building Blocks of Automation Pipelines Just as with Android apps in Google Play, everyone can submit their own actions to the Buddy DevOps Marketplace, free or paid. Buddy itself provides more than 80 built-in actions (see section Actions, the steps of pipelines).

Securify Example

Recent research shows that almost half of total existing Ethereum smart contracts have been flagged as vulnerable (8,833 of the 19,336)1. Also, as shown by the Parity Wallet library incident2, even the most experienced developers are prone to mistakes. Automating testing and making it easy to plug-into any dApps development workflow, would drastically increase the quality and safety of smart contracts. Securify is a free service provided by Software Reliability Lab. It allows automated analysis of any Ethereum contract for critical security vulnerabilities and insecure coding through a website.

Automating Security

Reports with Buddy Once Securify is published as a dedicated action to the DevOps Marketplace, anyone will be able to add it to their automation pipelines and report issues as soon as they are introduced into the codebase. This will drastically increase code quality and reduce shipment time by eliminating unnecessary code rewrites that, when done late, take much more time and require additional testing. The team behind Securify have also created a more sophisticated service: ChainSecurity. If published to the DevOps Marketplace as an action, it can be used to run paid ChainSecurity audits. A Buddy user could, for example, put it in a pipeline executed on every push to the staging branch, meaning that the smart contract is ready for final testing. Since the handling of audits is automated, these results, once ready, would be sent back to the action via a proper end-point marking the branch passing or failing.

The Marketplace Economy

In the application development landscape a successful marketplace built around an ecosystem is quite typical. All major players, such as Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services, use their marketplaces as a drive to help their communities grow and adopt new solutions. In 2015, Atlassian Marketplace hit $120 million in sales3. In the same year, Envato, the WordPress marketplace, reached $US73 million in revenue4. Buddy knows the economy of marketplaces very well as it is already a part of various ecosystems: Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Github Marketplace, Google Cloud Launcher, and Docker Store.

Buddy will help third party developers make a profit by charging for their solutions submitted to the DevOps Marketplace, at the same time allowing them to publish plugins for free. It will require that the authors who want to participate in the marketplace allow free usage of their apps by non-commercial open-source projects, thus helping the whole Blockchain technology ecosystem grow.

To encourage innovations and support talented developers, the marketplace will be curated to allow only quality submissions to protect authors from copycats. The developers, in return, will help advance the Blockchain community. The submitted plugins will be required to be open-source in the part which is executed on Buddy Instances. The marketplace content curation will be undertaken by a dedicated Decentralized Autonomous Organization run by Buddy token holders.

The Problem

Starting with smart contract development isn’t simple, even for experienced off-chain developers. There are a couple of major concepts that programmers have to understand before any work can start: the Blockchain itself, EVM, solidity, Geth, and dApps, to name just a few. There are also many myths around Blockchain development, which can create challenges to the adoption of Blockchain technology & the development of smart contracts or dApps. Once just dApps and smart contracts get more complex, bugs and flaws are introduced to the system—waiting to be exploited by bad actors, which may lead to the loss of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, there aren’t any tools mature enough to assist with Blockchain-specific development tasks or build trust between project sponsors/founders & their developers. However, this is slowly changing thanks to projects such as Truffle, Lisk—and now Buddy

Buddy Solutions

BlockchainOps:The Idea In the same way that Buddy has been successful at introducing development automation to web developers, Buddy is also pioneering development automation of Blockchain-based projects. Blockchain developers can use the service to design automation pipelines with ready-to-go actions: from compiling and tests, to deployments, custom scripts, and dApps monitoring. This process is very easy and resembles building a house of bricks: you pick an element that you need and put it in the desired place, adjusting the configuration as necessary.

The dApp Development Automation Actions: In the section Actions: The Building Blocks of an Automation Pipeline we have listed example ideas for 3rd party developers for the DevOps Marketplace. Here, we’ll do the same for actions dedicated to development automation of Blockchain-based apps.



Simon Szczepankowski
CEO, Product Manager & Co-Founder
Anant Singh
Strategic Partnerships Manager
Chen Si Yuan
Head of Community Engagement
Raphael Sztwiorok
CTO, Project Manager & Co-Founder
Thomas Korwin-Gajkowski
Blockchain Solution Architect
Martin Kudla
Software Architect & Co-Founder
Michael Hankus
Senior Software Engineer & Co-Founder
homas Prus
Senior Software Engineer
Alexander Kus
Chief Growth Officer
Paul Olek
Head of UX/UI & Co-Founder
Lucas Czulak
Data Analyst
Paul Kapala
Senior Full Stack Web Developer
Darek Sztwiorok
Java Developer
Chris Stryczek
Head of Test Engineering
Michael Bigos
Test Engineer and Technical Support Specialist
Octavia Nowakowska
Head of Customer Support
Patryk Trojanowski
Customer Support Specialist
Google cloud Platform
Docker Store
AWS Marketplace


  • Launch of Buddy Beta

  • End of the Beta, First Paying Customers
    Launch of Buddy Enterprise

  • Further development of Buddy, weekly releases of new features

  • Proof-of-concept of BlockchainOps using Buddy automation pipelines

  • Token Sale

  • BlockchainOps

  • Private Automation GRID
    The DevOps Marketplace

  • Distributed Blockchain-as-a-Service
    Experts Services on the DevOps Marketplace

  • DAppOS & Sandbox Template Universe

  • Shared Automation GRID


Price in ICO1 BUD = 0.0002 ETH
Investment Info
Tokens DistributionPublic Contributors, ICO – 60%
Buddy Team – 20%
Reserve fund – 15%
ICO, Advisors, Legal, Bounty – 4%
Community – 1%
Hard cap60,000 ETH


Legal entity

Registered address: Buddy Team Sp. z o.o., ul. Karpacka 24/B16 & ul. Schodowa 5, 43-300, Bielsko-Biala, Poland, EU


Prehistory of project

According to the roadmap, first activities for project were at Q3 2016.No prehistory of the project were found

Blockchain experience

Head of Community Engagement Chen Si Yuan – Advisor at Dataeum , BAANX




No Escrow information were found


Update 25/07/2018


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