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Bounty Angels

ICO bounty campaigns platform
Bounty Angels evolves and automatizes ICO ecosystem. They enable everyone to take part in bounty campaigns and get fair reward. Bounty campaign is not only a rewarding program for users who promote ICO in social media, news portals, private and corporate blogs or direct fundraising. Bounty campaign may also include analytics, consultancy, or participating in product development.



Starts in
71 days
3 Sep 2018

preICO start3 Sep 2018
preICO end3 Oct 2018
ICO start19 Nov 2018
ICO end19 Dec 2018

  • TEAM

The Bounty Angels Platform is a solution for semiautomatic Bounty campaigns. It is meant to simplify work of Bounty Hunters, overcome difficulties related to running a Bounty campaign for blockchain projects and advertising agencies. Apart from that, the
platform will bring the quality and accessibility of Bounty campaigns to a completely new level.

The main advantage of the platform is the fact that the project will automatically receive feedback about the work of Bounty Hunters in accordance with strict criteria without any markups, while Bounty Hunters will be guaranteed to receive their fee in project tokens or in our internal currency.

Such a concept is planned for implementation on the basis of creation of a program code that will be able to analyze activities of Bounty Hunters pursuant to the set parameters, elaborated rating system, selection of best project analysts and improvement of the remuneration system that depends on individual achievements of Bounty Hunters.

Apart from development of advertising tools, the platform will create an easily accessible pool of qualified advisors, software developers, designers and other specialists necessary to implement a project.


Token BANG, or token, is issued within the Initial Coin Offering, or ICO, by the project Bounty Angels. This token is an internal payment mean for activities of Bounty Hunters and an external payment mean between token holders, including financial profits from
the price speculation.

Token BANG has the attributes of a digital currency, particularly, a cryptocurrency since:

  • It is a mean of payment between the founders of the projects and individuals (Bounty Hunters)
  • It can be used as a mean of payment between the individuals and a unit of a value in transactions between the parties for services or goods provided
  • A holder can exchange the token to another digital currency / cryptocurrency or fiat currency

Token BANG cannot be defined as a security or another financial instrument falling within its definition. ICO and token circulation is not regulated by government authorities regulating securities such as SEC in the USA, CMNV in Spain, SFA in the UK, MAS in Singapore and others since:

  • Token holders are not a part of the project team. They are not able to determine the future of the project, the direction for development, affect team’s decisions. They are not considered as team members or members of any entity founded by the team for project development
  • Token buy is not an investment in term of financial regulation. The holders do not have any profits from token possession. Token possession does not involve dividend / a part of profit / other financial payments to the holders
  • Token holders are not creditors in relation to the project. Token buy during ICO is not considered as a loan to the project
  • Token holders are not able to request a return of investmentsunilaterally


Anatoly Krasovsky
Nikita Varlygina
PR manager
Alen Ismailov
UX / UI / IA Designer
Vladimir Alekseenko
Back-end Developer
Vadim Novikov
Front-end Developer
Andrey Antonovich
Legal Support
Kseniya Zhuravleva
Product Development


  • Start of product development

  • Release of alpha version

  • Pre-ICO

  • Start of intensive work on the product

  • ICO

  • Release of beta version

  • Release of full version

  • Development of internal wallet

  • Implementation of artificial intelligence

  • Finalizing the legal framework and interaction with governmental cryptoprojects


Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Tokens Distribution65% - Investors
30% - Team
5% - Bounty campaign
Soft cappre-ICO: 100,000 USD
Hard cappre-ICO: 2,000,000 USD; ICO: 12,000,000 USD


Legal entity

Registered Address: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Prehistory of project

No previous history of project were found

Product or its MVP

Alpha is developed and ready to test

Blockchain experience

Anatoliy Krasovskiy – Project Manager at NewsBTC


Andrew Tar – Journalist at Cointelegraph


Max Sofiiskiy – Community Marketing Manager at Belkinmarketing and Community Marketing Manager at Neurogress


Advisor Yaroslav Belkin has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile


No escrow information were found


Update: 26.03.2018


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