Bitsive hybrid exchange 2.33/5 (1)

Bitsive hybrid exchange

Bitsive, the first ever hybrid exchange.
Bitsive is a Hybrid exchange that solves, at the very least, centralized exchanges getting hacked. Bitsive is powered by the zero day protocol.



Ends in
14 days
29 Aug 2018

TokenSive coin/ SIV
Price in ICO1 SIV = 0.79 USD
CountryUnited States
preICO start9 Jul 2018
preICO end29 Aug 2018
ICO start1 Sep 2018
ICO end2 Feb 2019

  • TEAM

How can the cryptocurrency market welcome new investors, seasoned institutional traders and hedge fund companies if it doesn’t have a secure platform with the essential tools and sophisticated algorithms to lower their risks while increasing their reward ratios? The answer is simple, Bitsive exchange. Bitsive combines the security of a decentralized exchange with the versatility of a centralized exchange and the freedom of an OTC exchange. With a sophisticated protocol we created dubbed the “Zero-Day protocol”, we mitigate the risks of an exchange hack and remove the need for third party wallet management. Funds are not deposited to the exchange which means Bitsive does not keep your cryptocurrency funds. Bitsive features a wide variety of tools with an easy to use interface. When you trade with SIV coin on Bitsive you are discounted 50%, you can choose to use any crypocurrency/Fiat to pay the fees, but it will be exchanged for SIV coins in real time at the current market rate. #sivthenoise


Proshonjit D.
System Architect
Sandeep Kumar
Solidity Developer
Roman Vatala
Senior Solidity Developer
Deepak Yadav


  • The pre-ICO and ICO begins while the development of the zero-day protocol and Bitsive exchange will begin. We will file the necessary licensing applications for fiat deposits and withdraws. We will hire more team members to facilitate a faster deployment of the protocol and exchange.

  • We will test the bare bones model of the zero-day protocol and stress test Bitsive exchange barebones. We will have a third party security audit done on both to ensure the highest level of security. Logic testing and genius contract structuring will take place in this quarter. Stellar and EOS implementation into the zero-day protocol.

  • We will lunch the beta version of Bitsive with the zero-day protocol implemented and open it for public testing. Stress testing while the Beta is live and a focus group to provide feedback on features and UX experience. We will also launch a public and private hacking bounty for Bitsive and the zero-day protocol.

  • We will launch the Alpha version of Bitsive powered by the zero-day protocol. We will also structure the SIV blockchain and implement the genius contract which works with most blockchains. We will integrate fiat deposit and withdrawals into the system and add more tokens to the zero-day protocol. This quarter will be the first token burn quarter.

  • This will be the second quarter of token burn and the quarter where the community gets to vote on which coins we add to support for Bitsive. SIV blockchain will continue to go under development and security testing.

  • Migrate from the ETH blockchain and launch SIV blockchain. 1:1airdrop and token burn.


Price in ICO1 SIV = 0.79 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Tokens Distribution68% - ICO
21% - Pre-ICO
5% - Team
5% - Founder
1% - Bounty
Soft cap$500,000 USD
Hard cap$10,000,000 USD


Legal entity

Currently ICO have not formed a legal entity as yet because of the ongoing regulations with ICO’s and the SEC. Team figured it would be better to get a legal counsel to advise on legalizing the company but the fee’s were too high.

The possible locations that tan will legitimize the company will be either country of Jamaica or Malta.

No other legal entity information

Prehistory of project

No prehistory of project information.

Product or its MVP

No product or its MVP.

Blockchain experience

Advisor Deepak Yadav – Advisor at Blockchain PR Buzz


No escrow information.


Update 31.07.2018

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