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WE ARE THE WORLD. WE WORK WHILE WE PLAY. Working and Playing has long been perceived contrary since inception. Imagine a world where Work equals Play and its indifferentiable, that’s what the future brings to our present and existence.



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18 Jun 2018

Price in ICO1 BTP = 0.31 USD
preICO start1 Apr 2018
preICO end14 May 2018
ICO start18 Jun 2018
ICO end31 Aug 2018

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Global Games Market Report shows that 2.2 billion gamers across the globe are expected to generate $108.9 billion in game revenues in 2017.
This represents an increase of $7.8 billion, or 7.8%, from the year before. Digital game reve-nues will account for $94.4 billion or 87% of the global market. Mobile is the most lucrative segment, with smartphone and tablet gaming growing 19% year over year to $46.1 billion, claiming 42% of the market. In 2020, mobile gaming will represent just more than half of the total games market. The PC and console game markets will generate $29.4 billion and $33.5 billion in 2017, respectively.
Asia-Pacific is by far the largest region, with China expected to generate $27.5 billion, or one-quarter of all revenues in 2017. Newzoo expects the global market to grow at a CAGR of +6.2% toward 2020 to reach $128.5 billion. Based on its review of final 2016 financial results of more than 70 publiccompanies.

Gaming has long been considered a fun-only activity, gamers are perceived to playing for the fun of it and they make little to no income at all from gaming until recently when eSports began to evolve and there has been opportunity for monetization of eSports gaming, but still the eSports ecosystem is lagging behind in terms of generating significant and passive income for its users.
Evolving Gaming to an all new heights requires a well structured ecosystem which fosters a perfectly sustain-able lifestyle for gamers around the world.
BitPlay ensues to bridging the gap between gaming and sustain-ability of gamers all around the world.

First there was the industrial revolution which produced the locomotives and then there was the electricity, the last one was the Internet. Blockchain is the next generation, foundation and revolutionary technology after the Internet. Life, Technology, this world will not be same in the coming decade. Its time the world braces up for this change.

Why Blockchain?
Blockchain is a revolutionary technology. It is simply a data structure where each block is linked to another block in a time-stamped chronological order. t is the underlying infra-structure for bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency. This technology has been disrupting many industries ranging from finance, healthcare, politics and many industries still to come.
Apart from its popularly known stance as a new method of transferring value, the technology also applies to tracking ownership, digital assets, physical assets and voting rights. It can also store and run computer code called ‘smart contracts’. However blockchain is a relatively new technology and the communities are still exploring the best way in which it can be used for the benefit of Mankind. This is a good reason why BitPlay as well would be utilizing this amazing technology to revolutionising Gaming and Sports as a whole.

Considering the current gaming sphere in which gamers are perceived to be wasting of precious moment of their lives playing games which in turn do not provide them good to no financial income at all, this is all about to change with the advent of BitPlay's revolutionizing gaming systems and platforms.
It's all about a new dawn and era for gamers all around the world, there is a vast majority of undiscovered, talented and sophisticated gamers in all part of the world, NOW is the time for gamers to be noticed like most sports icons and celebrities around the world, BitPlay is bridging this gap as well, in which gamers and aspiring gamers get discovered, natured, trained and inspired to rule their world.

Bitplay has been developing great gaming projects which most are set to launch early 2018, of which this projects are all fully blockchain backed. 2018 would see gaming through to an all new heights as this has been well perceived and forecasted by experts around the world. Bitplay for sure is pioneering this great and amazing change majorly for gaming and sports as a whole.

BitPlay being a fully blockchain based platform, would feature and enable its native cryptocurrency within all its Projects, Platforms, Apps and Ecosystem.
In the crypto sphere, the value of a token/coin is based of of its utilities and adoption.
BitPlay is changing and revolutionizing the entire gaming ecosystem with its suites of innovations and projects, in this light the BTP token is anticipated to being a universally and massively adopted cryptocurrency. BTP would trade on every reputable and popular crypto-currency exchanges and would be available for purchase in most jurisdictions around the world.


Charles Adenuoye
Chief Executive Officer
Ashwini Shankar
Chief Technology Officer
Oleg Oleshchuk
Director of Technology
Thomas Saar
Senior Marketing Manager
Khalil Oueslati
Senior Software Developer
Puja Dembla
Chief Information Officer
Adeel Shafique
Senior Creative Designer


  • The BitPlay team which comprises of professionals and experts from all walks of life assembles to create and build on the BitPlay ecosystem.

  • The BitPlay Blockchain team commences iteration, development and scaling of the ICO website and the BitSports platform, ensuring a fully optimum system.

  • Preparations for token sale begins. Huge development activities triggered. Architecture laid and set to go.

  • Massive marketing and promotions commences at the First quater of 2018. Signature campaing with bounties gets initiated amoung crypto infuencers.

  • First phase of token sales begins early April 2018. BitPlay launches its betting of gaming platforms to the public - BitSport.

  • Continued product development. Second phase of token sales begins third quater of 2018

  • The best in class PlayChain deployment

  • The BitPlay’s most anticipated platform Gameuk™ launches at the rst quater of 2019


Price in ICO1 BTP = 0.31 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, Dash
Tokens Distribution70% - Circulating Supply
15% - Reserve
10% - Bounty and Bonus allocation
5% - Team and Advisory


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