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Blockchain platform for investment in neuro-medicine and neuro-technologies.
Brain-computer Interfaces to train your brain, manipulate gadgets and enjoy new VR powerful games.

BASIS NEURO is a platform for creating brain-controlled gadgets and services. Our unique neural interfaces allows everyone to add super features to their projects. We have realized the technology of neural control for smartphones, VR and games in business, education and medicine. Join us and the new NeuroFuture!



Price in ICO1 BNST = 0.02 USD
CountryCayman Islands
preICO start21 Feb 2018
preICO end15 Apr 2018
ICO start15 Jun 2018
ICO end15 Jul 2018

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It is generally accepted that the world is on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution that will be based on bio-cybernetic systems. Creating direct and non-invasive interaction of the brain with external devices will be one of the key steps in the development of technology. With the advent of new technologies, a new class of business models is created and, as a consequence, does a new market of products and services, which potential is already estimated at billions of dollars.


The Brain-computer interface (BCI) technology allows controlling the usual everyday devices with the help of mental commands. The technology seems new, but the level of current developments and the needs of various markets ensures that neural interfaces will become a part of everyday life in the next few years.


In the future there will be no keyboards, joysticks, or touchpads, a person will directly control the devices exclusively by mental commands. This is the essence of technology development - simplification of interaction, simplification of use. The pinnacle of this
process, the last stage in the evolution of human interaction with surrounding devices are neuro-technologies. Advantage of the technology - in the applicability to any sphere of human life and in the possibility of implementation into any business processes.


Today, neuro-technologies enable businesses to create new industries in existing markets, such as neuro-VR, neuro-games, neuro-prosthetics, smart home and many others.


Basis Neuro Research Laboratory is a pioneer in the development of non-invasive neurotechnologies and neural interfaces. Ten years of experimental and theoretical work have resulted in a number of publications, numerous software patents and, most importantly, working prototypes of neuro-controlled devices.


The technology is safe for users. It eliminates the exposure of the users to an active electromagnetic effect, as well as any interference in mental processes, the psyche, the decision-making logic. Consequently, neural interfaces developed at Basis Neuro can be used to create mind-controlled products and services for people of all ages without need for additional diagnostics.


Basis Neuro team, along with active work on their own projects aims to help modern companies make neural interfaces a part of people's daily lives, simplifying their implementation and use in virtually all areas of life.


Basis Neuro is a platform for service companies and developers that will enable them to create products and services using neural interfaces for business, education, medicine, sports or art. Using Basis Neuro technological and scientific developments, developers will be able to create health monitoring systems, systems to control smart device or smart homes, to develop mind-controlled games and entertainment projects, as well as gadgets.


The participants will be able to remotely purchase the necessary neuro equipment, receive control software, to get access to algorithms for reading brain signals and an ever-expanding database of decoded patterns. Basis Neuro team provides expert and technological support, which will allow the users to exploit a range of new opportunities for their day-to-day product and service development.




Shepelev Igor
Developer of Algorithms AI
Gusach Yury
Chief Engineer
Vladimir Zolotukhin
First Rank Engineer
Ekaterina Klimenko
Head of Web-Development
Nadezhda Syrovnenko
Investor Relations
Victor Biryukov
Scientific consultant on the platform development
Dmitry Khamov
Scientific consultant on the platform development
Sergey Doroshenko
Scientific consultant on the platform development
Vladimir Merscheryakov
Collaboration with partners B2B
Andrey Bartimenko
Business Consultant
Linara Axanova
Legal consultant
Aleksei Pupyshev
AI & machine learning applications expert
Kirill Nikolaev
Konstantine Karczmanski
Business Architect


  • To develop and advance a proprietary interface with the database, market
    To develop a full-fledged working prototype.
    To develop sensors for reading neuro signals that operate without gel
    ("dry electrodes").
    To develop Basis Neuro platform.

  • To create and implement a data storage and analysis system.
    To release the first version of the neural interface for home use.
    Neural interface-based smart headphones.
    To develop a web portal for providing the interaction between platform
    participants and to start online sales and service.
    To provide access to the beta version of the platform and its scaling (initial
    integration of blockchain technologies).

  • BrainFitness neural interface.
    Sleep monitoring interface.
    Neurocontrol in virtual reality.
    Monitoring in virtual reality/ Non-Linear Plot Games.
    To set up a laboratory for product developers.

  • To create solution package to integrate with b2b:
    Efficiency monitoring.
    Solutions for dangerous jobs.

  • To integrate neural interface with IoT devices.
    To obtain a medical license to use the interface for treatment and rehabilitation.
    To launch White label software and electronics for third-party developers.
    To establish partnership with major game developers.

  • Full-scale integration of the platform with IoT and smart homes.
    Development of Neuromarketing Solution Package and market launch.
    Full VR immersion.
    An integrated system development


Price in ICO1 BNST = 0.02 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC
Tokens Distribution60% - ICO
20% - Team hold for 1 year
10% - Loyalty programme
10% - Bounty/payments/benefits
Soft cap5'000'000 USD
Hard cap30'000'000 USD


Legal entity

No legal entity information.

Prehistory of project

The company develops universal learning algorithms for recognizing and decoding brain
signals, which allows to control wireless devices in real time. Basis Neuro creates and tests
its own mobile headset used to record and analyze brain signals and also creates an
expandable database of decoded brain signals and maps suitable for multiple-user access
and available to other developers.

The company has been doing brain research since 2008 and now specializes in neuro
monitoring and neuro control based on EEG methods. Neuro headset includes 4 active and
3 peripheral sensors. The cost is about 700 $.

Basis Neuro products are aimed at meeting the current needs of neurotechnology
industry. Basis Neuro specialists have already developed more accurate methods for
recording brain signals and a brand new software environment to control wireless devices.
These new learning algorithms are able to rapidly detect human EEG patterns and use them
as control commands.


Product or its MVP

Neural interface

Blockchain experience

CMO Maria Vylegzhanina has experience as Managing director in


No escrow information.


Update 30.03.2018

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