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Television internet streaming subscription service
Atomic Network is a television internet streaming subscription service ultimately using smart contracts on the blockchain and P2P streaming to revolutionize and reduce the costs of the traditional Hollywood production process. We offer Smart TV for Trekkies, techies, geeks and gamers. Our customers have the option to pay for subscriptions with our own brand of cryptocurrency, (Atomic Tokens) Atomic Network can offer its subscribers lower prices and an unprecedented opportunity to ...



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25 May 2018

Price in ICO1 ETH = 500 ATOMIC
preICO start27 Mar 2018
preICO end25 May 2018
ICO start26 May 2018
ICO end24 Jun 2018

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Atomic Network is an interactive and community-driven entertainment network. With its exclusive digital currency, Atomic Network Tokens (ATOMIC), the platform will enable novel and disruptive TV streaming experiences for its global audience.
Fans can buy tokens or earn them by sharing content, referring friends, or even helping to stream the torrent based shows and movies. They can then use those tokens to purchase merchandise, for micro-donations to their favorite stars or for influence over the priority and direction of shows.
We’ll offer two main categories of content: The first is original, scripted, one hour, sci-fi dramas and 30 minute, single-camera comedies. The second category is short-form, non-fiction series celebrating the world of science and the latest in technology and futurism, viewed through a fun and fast-paced pop culture lens.
Atomic's original, premium content, both scripted and non-fiction, will inspire millions with its optimistic portrayal of a freer and more abundant future.

Fiat currency and Atomic tokens will be accepted immediately, but as the library of content grows, Atomic Network will progress to a premium, all-subscriber revenue model.
Short-form, non-fiction programs will continue to be ad-supported and free until our premium subscriber numbers increase to a level allowing us to switch over to the all-subscriber revenue model. Ultimately, Atomic Network will only accept Atomic tokens and operate entirely on smart contracts on the blockchain.
Fans can buy tokens or earn them by sharing content, referring friends, or even helping to stream the torrent-based shows and movies. They can then use those tokens for merchandise
purchases, for micro-donations to directly support their favorite stars, or for influence over the priority and direction of shows. Atomic's original, premium content, both scripted and non-fiction, will inspire millions with its optimistic portrayal of a freer and more abundant future.

Traditionally, science fiction fans have been tragically underserved in Hollywood. Though this young, coveted demographic spends disproportionate amounts of their disposable income consuming our kind of entertainment, their desires are often undermined by Wall Street investors with conflicting interests.
Many networks have lost touch with their core community for this reason. G4 (Tech TV) started as a network for gamers and techies and died with shows like 'Cops' and 'The American Ninja Warrior' in its roster. MTV is no longer about music. SyFy Channel has alienated their fan base with 'Sharknado,' wrestling, and a lackluster line-up of programming. Fox broke millions of hearts when they cancelled 'Firefly'.

Atomic Network subscribers will have opportunities no television network has given them before, such as the ability to participate in test screenings, vote on plot directions, and tip their favorite stars for making them laugh, cry, or think. In this way, blockchain technology makes it possible for viewers to enjoy a far more intimate relationship with our television shows and their stars.

We are looking to crowdfund our platform and initial slate of original content by selling Atomic Network Tokens.
One of the primary expenses associated with online video streaming services is the cost of the servers and bandwidth required to stream to users. The bigger the audience gets, the more resources streaming services have to pour into servers. The cost can quickly become exorbitant and it can be difficult to scale.
By utilizing a hybrid, torrent-based, peer-to-peer delivery system, Atomic will turn that problem on its head. The bigger the audience gets and the more popular the show, the cheaper and faster our video streaming becomes. And, yes, we are already developing 4K HDR streaming p2p capabilities.
Atomic will minimize management overhead by utilizing smart contracts to handle logistics such as payment of our decentralized and global staff, audience voting to replace paid test groups, and other functions that will automate and simplify management processes.
The use of ATOMIC tokens for the purchase of subscriptions, series memorabilia and merchandise will serve to further reduce costs compared to fiat transactions. After funding, we will begin transitioning to a completely token-only platform in the very near future. Anyone using ATOM IC will always receive discounted prices.
Token holders will also have the option to sell their tokens on digital exchanges. As Atomic Network grows in popularity, the demand for ATOMIC tokens may increase, therefore potentially driving buying demand and a higher value for our tokens.


Mary Anderson-Harris
Communications Director
Rob Leslie
Crypto Currency Expert Extraordinaire
Dominic Kelly
Accountant & Financial Guru
Joshua Cole
Legal Advisor & Business Development
Alan Cross
Show Development & Television Writer
John E. Stith
Best Selling Science Fiction Writer
Ethan Siegel
Physicist & Futurist
Seth Shostak
SETI Senior Astronomer
Kevin J. Anderson
Best Selling Science Fiction Writer
Tim Russ
Actor, Director, Producer, & Writer
Walter Koenig
Actor, Writer, & Producer
Nichelle Nichols
Actress, Writer, & Singer
David Brin
Astrophysicist and Bestselling Author
Sky Conway
Founder and CEO
Tristan Barnard
Dublin Productions/Operations & Film Director
Jeremy Solterbeck
Post Production Wizard, Writer, & Director
Frank Zanca
Marketing Manager & Producer
Jimmy Diggs
TV Screenwriter for three Star Trek Series
Dr. Harry Kloor
Scientist, Director, Writer, Producer, & Inventor



Price in ICO1 ETH = 500 ATOMIC
Investment Info
Tokens Distribution30% - Token Sale
30% - Reserve fund
20% - Founders, Advisors, early investors, bounties, future management incentives
20% - Pre-Sale


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Atomic Network Ltd.


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Jeffrey Tucker – managing partner of Vellum Capital


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