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Mining operation
Apollo18 is a mining operation based in Central Pennsyvania. A combination of competitive electricity rates and the use of hot/cold aisles makes Apollo18 the most EFFICIENT mining operation in the GALAXY. Apollo18 aims to continue innovating and evolving while securing the blockchain and rewarding investors.



Starts in
18 days
2 Sep 2018

Price in ICOPre-ICO: 1 A18 = 0.65 USD; ICO: 1 A18 = 0.90 USD;
CountryUnited States
preICO start2 Sep 2018
preICO end16 Sep 2018
ICO start17 Sep 2018
ICO end1 Oct 2018

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There have been many attempts to replace traditional power generation with renewable energy such as solar or hydro power. In the end, these have proven to not yet be sustainable for high-power consumption scenarios. Apollo18’s goal is to stay ahead of the challenges that face blockchain technology and reward investors by building cryptocurrency infrastructure and securing the blockchain.

The A18 Token

The Apollo18 Token (A18) is an ERC-20 based token built and issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The token represents a portion of the total hashing power of the mining farm. A18 tokens will be required to receive payouts from the Apollo18 miners. Token holders will be able to easily store and manage tokens using existing infrastructure such as MyEtherWallet and Trust Wallet among others. Pre-sale and Public sale tokens will be released immediately post-ICO. The total cap of Apollo18 was 24mil, however, after restructuring and performing token burns, we expect the cap to be approximately 10,000,000.

Upon successful scaling and launch of the Apollo18 miners, token holders will begin receiving monthly dividend payments in the form of Ethereum (ETH) tokens. Coins mined by the Apollo18 miners will be converted to Ethereum (ETH) directly. If this is not possible, the mined coins will be converted to Bitcoin (BTC) and then converted to ETH. The resulting ETH will be the earnings distributed to token holders less operational costs. In addition, in order to stimulate growth, 10% of earnings will be reinvested back into the expansion of the Apollo18 Silos resulting in larger payouts and more growth. The remaining Ethereum tokens will be distributed to A18 token holders via the dividend-paying smart contract. The smart contract will distribute this ETH to token holders respective to the amount of Apollo18 tokens the investor is holding.

We have seen other companies in the past promise returns of over 400% or more. This is wrong and misleading. As market volatility is high and mining difficulties are constantly fluctuating, Apollo18 is reluctant to promise any official ROI percentage. Apollo18 will provide all historical data throughout the lifetime of the project for current and prospective investors to review and evaluate their positions.

Why Apollo18?

We believe that infrastructure buildout is imperative in order for blockchain technologies and applications to continue as a viable option. We believe that additional research and development is needed in order to produce hardware that is efficiently scalable to keep up with the growth of blockchain technologies. The future of cryptocurrency mining needs to be distributed and geared towards the original visions of decentralization. Apollo18’s goal is to return the power back to the people by lowering the barrier of entry, innovating more efficient mining methodologies, and ultimately, empowering the community.

Unique Selling Proposition
Apollo18 is contributing to the blockchain infrastructure by implementing scalable mining units built on the industry tested data server models. We continue to enhance the server mining hardware through the research and development of dedicated hardware.

Lowest price for energy in the United States. Apollo18 is located in a region of the United State with base residential electric rates between 5-6 cents/KWh. This rate is nearly half the rate of lowest state rate average. Upon scaling, Apollo18 may be eligible for local industrial rates of 1.7 cents/KWh.
Industry tested infrastructure. The Apollo18 Silos are configured to reflect, and improve upon, the setups utilized by giants in the tech industry today. These tested configurations provide highly effective models for cooling systems.
Efficient. Apollo18 has implemented the most efficient GPU mining infrastructure per square foot. Mining farms we have visited in the past average approximately 8 GPUs per 3 sq. ft. Apollo18’s configuration compares at approximately 8 GPUs per 1 sq. ft. Upon scaling, GPU density increases compared to traditional mining farms.


Marketing Director
Community Manager
Security Advisor
ICO Advisor


  • Concept + MVP
    Apollo18’s began as a novice mining operation using the open air “Ikea shelf” approach. After realizing the inefficiencies, the crew assembled a scalable model.

  • Efficiency Model
    The Apollo18 Crew is a fusion of a set of diverse backgrounds. Knowledge of data center optimization and experience in a wide range of Information Technology sectors creates a team that is unmatched in the mining space.

  • Partner Sale
    In March, Apollo18 raised funds via a private partner sale to expand on the proof of concept while proving legitimacy and ability to scale and perform duties as detailed in the Apollo18 whitepaper.

  • Global Marketing Campaign
    Launch global marketing campaign and continue scaling the operation in preparation for Initial Coin Offering.

  • Initial Coin Offering
    ICO goes live and raises funds to continue the expansion of Apollo18. In addition to the ICO, Apollo18 will file with the SEC to remain compliant as a security offering.

    Pre-Sale: Sept 2 – Sept 16
    ICO: Sept 17 – Oct 1

  • Test Launch
    Execute test launch of Apollo18 and present dividend-paying smart contract.

  • Lift Off
    Post-ICO, Apollo18 will continue to scale the mining operation, partnering with exchanges, and begin the process of issuing Ethereum payouts to the Apollo18 partner token holders.

  • In Orbit
    Continue growing and expanding mining operation while launching more offerings such as custom PCB boards for miners and expanding payouts to all A18 holders.


Price in ICOPre-ICO: 1 A18 = 0.65 USD; ICO: 1 A18 = 0.90 USD;
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Tokens Distribution85% - Token Holders
15% - Marketing/Growth
Hard capPre-ICO: 4,750,000 A18; ICO: 6,000,000 A18


Legal entity

Registered Address: 1331 12th Avenue Suite 205B ALTOONA PA 16601 Blair , United States



Prehistory of project

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Product or its MVP

Mining equipment

Blockchain experience

Marketing director NATE DELONG – Creative Director at BlockchainHotels


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Update 06/08/2018

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