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The first global blockchain-based platform for buying and renting luxe property
ALLUXE is a blockchain-based luxury platform intended for convenient and transparent interaction of companies and customers in the luxe segment through crypto currencies and modern technologies. This is an innovative solution for the crypto-elite, wealthy people demanding to the level of comfort, quality of service and confidentiality.



TokenLuxeCoin / LXC
Price in ICO1 ETH = 2,500 LXC
preICO start12 Jul 2018
preICO end23 Aug 2018
ICO startTBD

  • TEAM

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing around the world, as is the interest in them. We can see a growing number of affluent people who have exploited changes in the rates of crypto currencies (trading and investment), ICO (initial coin offering), mining (production of crypto currency) to earn a fortune. The owners of crypto currencies who entered the market at an early stage of its formation, have significantly improved their standard of living by realizing that the one who is the first to master new technologies and begin to actively use the crypto currency will benefit from it.
A new class of wealthy people has formed, the so-called crypto elite. These are people who desire a luxurious lifestyle and keep most of their fortune in cryptocurrency. But it turned out that the service, sales and rental of goods (including the luxury segment) sectors are developing slower in this area. Just a few luxury goods vendors accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. This imposes certain limitations on a wealthy cryptocommunity.
The ALLUXE company aims to remove the barrier between the crypto elite and suppliers of luxury goods and services. Users of the platform will be able to make universal payments in any convenient currency: whether it is euro, dollars or a crypto currency.
The main problem in the market is the misunderstanding and mistrust of the world of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology among representatives of the conservative luxury segment. In part, this is justified and explained by the high risks associated primarily with the conversion (withdrawal) of cryptocurrencies into fiat (real) money. After all, an intermediary is needed to withdraw a cryptocurrency in euros or dollars. Often, nothing is known about the intermediary, and the money is withdrawn precariously. This helps fraudsters thrive, especially in case of withdrawal of large amounts.
In addition, when converting a cryptocurrency into fiat money, the owner of the cryptocurrency faces significant costs:
* paying a transaction fee
* paying a fee to withdraw a currency in fiat money
* transferring money to a certain country
* overhead costs in the form of taxes and fees when paying in a traditional currency.
By providing the opportunity to purchase or rent property, pay for recreation and any other luxury segment goods with crypto currencies, the ALLUXE platform acts as a reliable guarantor for various transactions in crypto currencies, reducing the risks of fraud, as well as the aforementioned costs.
Another current problem of the industry is the fragmented information about premium-class property. So, to plan their vacation, wealthy people have to install several applications, search for car, yacht, hotel/apartment rental offers, etc on various websites. All this complicates the process and increases the time needed to prepare for a travel or business trip, which is unacceptable in the premium segment. Consumers of luxury goods are not prepared to wait and spend a lot of time and energy in making a choice.
ALLUXE helps to bring together all available premium offers in a single service, eliminating the need to contact several different services/companies and replacing the functionality of multiple applications. When developing the ALLUXE platform, we used the one-stop shop principle. Thus, in one application the customer can book accommodation, choose a car/plane/yacht for rent, order a car with chauffeur, purchase a luxury item, etc.
Another problem is related to the fact that the owners of cryptocurrencies seek more privacy than ordinary users. Suppliers of luxury goods and services, however, try to get as much information about their customers as possible in order to form a customer base, analyse preferences and create personalised offers. This also causes certain difficulties for the interaction of parties.
All existing (shopping, search) services collect personal information about their users and use this data, in the best case scenario, for targeted advertising. Often this information is resold to third parties, which of course gives wealthy clients a negative impression about the services used. Because in reality, the luxury segment is a fairly closed community. Many of its participants do not accept personal information being passed on to third parties and try to avoid showing their actual incomes and expenses.
Launching our product in the market will make it easier to find and interact with sellers and buyers of luxury goods, while simultaneously fulfilling the customer's desire to remain incognito. ALLUXE guarantees confidentiality to its users, which is ensured not only by using cryptocurrencies in settlements, but also by modern technologies for encryption, decentralization, blockchain, and smart contracts.


Olzhas Dyusembayev
Art Director
Sabrina Serrano
Social & Content Manager
Julia Derbysheva
BizDev Manage
Alexander Nedorezov
iOS developer
Alexander Tretyak
Web-Frontend developer
Naviin Kapoor
Blockchain ICO Advisor
Danny Kass
CryptoCurrency and ICO Consultant
Alexey Degtyarev
CEO B2B-center (2005-2017 г.)
Marco Antonio Soriano
Co-Founder / President of Global Corp. Development


  • Idea behind the project

    Initially, ALLUXE was conceived as a luxury service, a mobile application designed to satisfy the needs of wealthy people for renting premium properties. But experience and professional background helped globalize the product and bring it to a new level

  • Start of product creation

    The ALLUXE service is designed to combine all exclusive offers for renting luxury property on one platform and erase geographical boundaries

  • First MVP, work with partners

    By demonstrating a viable product we were able to attract the first partners and users, which was an impetus to the further development of the service

  • Launch of iOS and Android applications

    Embodiment of the idea In Q3 2017, we placed the ALLUXE applications for iOS and Android in the corresponding markets. Currently, we have more than 10,000 users worldwide

  • Creating the concept of LuxeCoin & Whitepaper

    We have prepared a key document to promote the ALLUXE platform and attract investors. The concept of project own tokens, LuxeCoin (LXC), has been formulated

    Private Sale of LuxeCoin (LXC) tokens

    The first stage of selling tokens is a private sale. Possibility to buy LXC tokens at the most favorable price and get bonuses up to 40%

  • Pre Sale of LuxeCoin (LXC) tokens

    The second stage of token sales with the possibility to get bonuses up to 25%

  • MVP web platform. Finalizing the iOS & Android mobile apps

    Launch of the ALLUXE website and finalization of iOS and Android mobile applications, intended to update the services in the light of the company's updated capabilities

    Token Sale

    Public sale of LXC tokens to attract the maximum number of participants. Upon completion of Token Sale, all unsold tokens will be terminated by a smart contract

    Issuance of LuxeCoin (LXC)

    Crediting LuxeCoin tokens to the crypto wallets of participants of all stages of Token Sale

    Selling tokens on the exchange

    Adding tokens on the exchange will strengthen the position of ALLUXE as a real international business designed to simplify the search and interaction of sellers and buyers of luxury goods

  • ALLUXE MVP Platforms

    Presentation of the ALLUXE platform with the implemented crypto currency payment option

  • Business scaling up

    The ALLUXE service is represented in 35 cities, having more than 5,000 unique offers

  • Launching the ALLUXE crypto wallet

    To make payments, we will create our own, convenient and secure ALLUXE crypto wallet

  • Launching the ALLUXE blockchain platform

    Starting the blockchain-based platform. At this stage, all standard contracts with a minimum set of terms will be described. Gradually, the logic of smart contracts will become more complex, describing not even the standard terms of contracts

  • Global business development

    The priority task is to support and scale up the business, which will work for the benefit of the users and partners of the platform. Active work to expand the partnership network and increase the number of active users


Price in ICO1 ETH = 2,500 LXC
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC
Tokens Distribution50% Tokens for sale
35% Strategic Reserve
10% Team
2.5% Bounty Program
2.5% Advisors
Soft cap$1,800,000
Hard cap$16,500,000


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