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AiBB is an Ai assistant wrapped in a decentralised, feature-packed crypto trading application. It’s an all-in-one platform for both experienced and noobie cryptocurrency traders.



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30 Sep 2018

Price in ICOPre-ICO: 1 AIBB = 0.25 USD ; ICO: 1 AIBB = 0.5 USD
preICO start25 Jul 2018
preICO end30 Sep 2018
ICO start1 Oct 2018

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AiBB is an Ai assistant wrapped in a decentralised, feature-packed crypto trading application. It’s an all-in-one platform for both experienced and noobie cryptocurrency traders. AiBB provides a solution in a currently saturated cryptocurrency ecosystem where access to information is easy, but working efficiently with thousands of contradictory and time-consuming information sources, wallets, coins, and exchanges is much more difficult.

Our Ai Prototype assistant is live on, featuring a NLU, NLP, and ML proprietary patent-pending algorithm that operates within all the modules in the application. It looks, listens, and learns contextually -- a robust improvement over bot-like Ai applications, in order to deliver actionable data. Ai powers three AiBB layers: application, exchange, and Ai which all work with thousands of modules to gather and analyze thousands of points of information and centralize them so they are available to users instantaneously, anywhere at any time.

Providing our users with superior predictions in real time via features like Portfolio Manager, trading desk connectivity, a multi-token wallet, and Ai Assistant, we empower them to execute faster, more profitable, and safer trades. They can also work seamlessly across exchanges with a single log-in, set and manage alerts from multiple exchanges and wallets, discover new trades, and execute them in record time.

Our Ai penetrates every corner of our all-in-one feature platform as a true assistant that learns contextually and lets users execute on its advice for higher success rates.

Outside of trading, AiBB is an analytics powerhouse, able to cut hours of research and provide users with actionable knowledge rather than simple, raw information.


  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Ai Trading & Trading Analysis
  • API Exchange connectivity
  • ICO Review
  • Smart Wallet
  • Ai Voice
  • Smart Contract Creator
  • Tax Calculator
  • Crypto ID
  • Ebank Money Services

Why Participate in ?

Our Ai Technology exists today! AiBB is not a “figure it out” project; our path is clear and solid. Our development team comes from some of the BIGGEST tech companies in Silicon Valley and they come with over 64+ years of joint experience. AiBB is built for cryptocurrency traders to research, buy and sell tokens easier, faster and with minimal effort while maximizing returns. There’s a significant amount of concise information available through natural language requests, and with our priority on a robust feedback loop, we need your input to make sure the insights we provide are relevant to you.

On our quest to make intelligent cryptocurrency trading accessible to all types of investors, we need your experience to make sure that our Digital Assistant is properly interpreting simple and complex requests and modulating responses back appropriately. Our Ai is powered by a customized supervised Machine-Learning algorithm learns through feedback and repetition, subject matter experts and their use of our system in its infancy is crucial in insuring our system is learning from the best.

AiBB Utility Tokens give you an express pass on this revolution. You get priority voting on our feature sets and integration options, constant updates on our progress, early access to new release versions and advanced support from the beginning. Our voice controlled assistant will be the first of its kind. Our objective is to give you the competitive advantage in milliseconds, helping you achieve incredible ROI.


Kelghe D’cruz
Co-Founder & CEO
Jessica Share
Marketing Director
Mohamed Karim
Chief Financial Advisor
Francis Morelos
Data Privacy Officer
Namit Raisurana
Ai Product Expert
Farooq Khalid
Ai Customer Interaction
Shay Kusi
Business Analyst
Viven Kalia Senior
Blockchain Developer
Sheen Austin
Security Engineer
Dwayne Fernandes
Software Engineer







Price in ICOPre-ICO: 1 AIBB = 0.25 USD ; ICO: 1 AIBB = 0.5 USD
Investment Info
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC
Tokens Distribution25% - Reserve
11.4% - Pre-sale
11.4% - Phase 1
11.4% - Phase 2
11.4% - Phase 3
9.1% - Team
5.7% - AirDrops
5.1% - Advisors
5.1% - Merchants
1.1% - Bounty
Soft cap1,250,000 USD
Hard cap25,000,000 USD


Legal entity

Ai Block Tech OÜ – Private Limited Company having its registered office at Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia, registration number 14522185

Prehistory of project

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Product or its MVP

AiBB Prototype

Blockchain experience

Marketing Director Jessica Share – Marketing Director at NOOW


Advisor Anastasija Plotnikova – COO at GCAC 

Partner at CryptoTaxLegal

Advisor at BCgateway


Advisor Darren Franceschini – Advisor at Corl , Tempow


No Escrow information were found


Update 27/08/2018


Are you an investor looking for the best choices of Initial Coin Offerings? There are so many choices these days that it can be really tiresome to study the market until you find the perfect match. Because of this, many companies are using artificial intelligence to help investors in their task of finding good investments. Are these bots trustworthy, though? There are many companies offering miracles and artificially intelligent robots that will point you to magically good investments. There are so many scams that these bots can turn into part of the problem, not a proper solution. How to Solve This? You need to find reliable humans that will point toward the way where the best investments lie. To help in this task, our blog reviews ICOs, but today, we are going to review not only an ICO, but an ICO of a company that is selling artificial intelligence products to help investors. What is AiBB? AiBB is an AI assisted trading robot. Basically, an artificial intelligence that will give you the best tips and hints to make the right investments at all times. It will use blockchain information not to predict the market, but to give you information that you can use yourself to discover the best investments. Artificial intelligence is a market that is increasing exponentially nowadays, so companies like this one are going to be part of the future. AiBB surely knows this and it is already building their way into the new era of artificial intelligence. How Does AiBB Work? The program is built using NLU, NLP and ML proprietary algorithms that analyse the blockchain in search for information about the best investments. The program has multiple functions. It will be used to get instant insights about your portfolio and trading tips about the market, as well as different statistics. Chat with the bot using your voice to spare time that you would lose if you had to write and keep your assets safe with their alert system that will call you if any suspicious action is found on your accounts. You can also make investments right from your phone using the program, have access to a personal wallet and receive hints and reviews about the latest ICOs. The company plans to have their program ready for use in 2018 and to further develop it during the following year. How to Invest in AiBB? If you want to invest in AiBB, the first thing that you have to do is to buy their AiBB tokens. The sale is already happening at the time of this report and the price of the tokens will increase as the sale happens. The sale will happen in three phases: Phase 1: first 10% tokens; Phase 2: next 25% tokens; Phase 3: last 45% tokens (20% of the tokens will not be sold). There are also discounts if you buy in large quantities. You can buy tokens using Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, but not Bitcoin Cash or Dash, for example, so if you only have these cryptocurrencies, you will have to exchange them before you actually invest in this company using your cryptocurrency. If you want, you also have the option to pay using fiat money. The AiBB Verdict Is this the right company for you? AiBB seems like a solid company without any visible problems at first sight. There are no glaring red flags and nothing indicates a scam, especially the fact that their bot is not a miraculous tool that promises to make you rich, only an artificial intelligence whose objective is to aid investors with information and simple tips. The company seems to have a solid business plan and a clear goal of its future, so that is also a positive point about it. In fact, there are not many concerns to be raised about the plans of the company for the future. Only you can be sure if this is a company for you, but it does seem like it could be a good investment. To be a 100% sure, you would have to wait for 2018, but the ICO will not be open anymore, so you should trust the company and maybe some tokens if you are interested in using their service in the near future. [FREE] Get Our Best Crypto Trading, Mining & Investing Hacks: *Action Required* Enter Your Email To Get Insight For Trending Coin News & Reviews Enter Your Name Enter Your Email Address Share Facebook Twitter Telegram ReddIt Pinterest Linkedin Previous Review CryptoYotaCoin – Yota.Biz Cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offering Scam? Next Review The Billion Coin – TBC Wallet, Membership & Bitcoin Community? Related Reviews Stable Bitcoin: New Cryptocurrency Stablecoin Token For BTC Volatility? Stable Bitcoin: New Cryptocurrency Stablecoin Token For BTC Volatility? 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LEARN ALL ABOUT BITCOIN Enter your details for a Free 2018 Guide: →Top ฿itcoin Trading & Investing Tips ← Enter your First Name here Enter your Email Address here Get Real Time Crypto News Join Our Telegram Group Real Time Crypto News 1,631 Fans LIKE 519 Followers FOLLOW 777 Followers FOLLOW 96 Subscribers SUBSCRIBE Coin Price Market Cap 24HR +- 7D BTC $6,732.79 $116.03 B 1.40% ETH $279.03 $28.34 B 2.07% XRP $0.33 $12.99 B 1.91% BCH $530.27 $9.18 B 2.15% EOS $5.18 $4.70 B 5.90% XLM $0.22 $4.13 B 3.28% LTC $57.83 $3.36 B 2.33% USDT $1.00 $2.79 B -0.22% ADA $0.10 $2.50 B 5.06% MIOTA $0.60 $1.67 B 15.39% XMR $96.64 $1.58 B 5.10% TRX $0.02 $1.52 B 6.61% ETC $12.53 $1.30 B 2.41% NEO $18.36 $1.19 B 6.56% DASH $143.45 $1.19 B 2.50% BNB $10.47 $1.00 B 5.92% XEM $0.11 $0.95 B 4.28% VET $0.02 $0.91 B 11.44% XTZ $1.32 $0.80 B 0.90% ZEC $137.64 $0.64 B 1.06% Bitcoin Innovation Blockchain Projects Crypto Headlines Coin Updates Price Analysis Charts Mining Research Trading & Investing Exchanges & Wallets Legal & Regulation Conferences & Events CryptoCurrency Resources Coin Market Cap – Live Cryptocurrency Token Prices & Charts Data 0 BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, EOS, XLM, TRON, ADA, LTC, DASH August 2018 Outlook BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, EOS, XLM, TRON, ADA, LTC, DASH August... 0 Top Cryptocurrencies August 2018 Outlook Bitcoin price enjoyed a decent uptrend in July 2018 and traded towards $8,500. 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