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ADAB Solutions is developing the FICE – First Islamic Crypto Exchange, based on the norms of Shariah. As a result, the implementation of the ADAB Solutions project will create a global infrastructure, that operates on the principles of Islamic finance, and the community that regulates the development of Islamic crypto-economics. ADAB Solutions will solve the problem of halal cryptocurrency transactions, providing access to the cryptocurrency market for the Muslim Ummah , which accounts for ...



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28 Dec 2018

Price in ICO1 USD = 10 ADAB
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
preICO start15 Aug 2018
preICO end18 Oct 2018
ICO start18 Oct 2018
ICO end28 Dec 2018

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In order to ADAB Solutions as a crypto currency project to be Halal, it is planned to implement the following measures:

The development of the project will be based on the entrepreneurial efforts of the organizers and their work. According to the norms of Islamic ethics, it is right that the source of wealth is own labor inputs and the entrepreneurial efforts.

First Islamic Crypto Exchange will completely exclude the possibility of speculative transactions, margin trading and operations that do not correspond to Shariah. This will exclude the Gharar and Maisir and Riba from the work of the Exchange.

FICE platform able to handle 3 million requests per second, making FICE the one of the fastest crypto exchanges. Users of FICE will be guaranteed that their applications will never be suspended due to congestion of the platform.

ADAB Solutions is founded to create a platform for halal projects, to work in a full compliance with the norms of Islam and Islamic finance. Our task is to help Muslims and the community of crypto-investors to understand what in the market the cryptocurrencies is compliant with the Shariah rules and what does not.

ADAB Solutions proceeds from the fact that this project will generally benefit the market, since halal projects in their essence have utility and value, and their definition will contribute to the development of useful ideas and a decrease in the number of projects in the market, which are haram in its essence.

We solve the problems of the Muslim community, such as:

  • ADAB Solutions will solve the problem of halal cryptocurrency operations
  • ADAB Solutions will solve the problem of excessive risks of cryptocurrency systems
  • ADAB Solutions will solve the problem of developing Islamic cryptocurrency infrastructure
  • Absence of a crypto exchange, functioning in accordance with the norms of Shariah
  • The lack of a unified position of the Muslim community regarding the cryptocurrency
  • Uncertainty of Muslims regarding the admissibility of working with cryptocurrencies
  • From the turnover of existing crypto exchanges, zakat is not paid.

The problem of the cryptocurrency market:

  1. The extremely low involvement of Muslims in the cryptocurrency market
  2. Lack of community trust in the key tools of crypto economics
  3. Lack of a new markets and investors

The importance of the Adab Solutions project for participants and its uniqueness:

The Adab Solutions project has no analogues in the world. Today, there is not a single cryptocurrency platform or a crypto exchange, which would guarantee activities based on Shariah. Adab Solutions will be the first project that will allow performing cryptocurrency transactions in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance and on the basis of Shariah norms.
The Adab Solutions project is aimed to a huge audience of 1.8 billion potential Muslim users of the cryptocurrency market.
Projectibility of the project. The Adab Solutions project is designed in accordance with the highest security standards and has unique technical features of key software solutions.
The Adab Solutions project forms a system of values ​​based on Shariah norms and principles of Islamic finance, which will become the basis for self-regulation of the cryptocurrency market and will increase the level of confidence in a key cryptocurrency instruments.
Full transparency of the Adab Solutions project. Transparency of the project and safe jurisdictions will make it possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat money.
Objectives and mission of the project
The ADAB Solutions project is developing the FICE- First Islamic Crypto Exchange , based on the norms of Shariah.
The purpose of the ADAB Solutions project is the creation of a crypto -exchange platform, a stock exchange and services that comply with the norms of the Shariah and operate on the principles of Islam.
The mission of the ADAB Solutions project is to create conditions and services based on the high moral and cultural values ​​of Islam and provide access to all users of crypto economics.
The key task of ADAB Solutions is to create a structure that will establish new ethical standards for doing business in the industry.
ADAB - standards of behavior prescribed by the norms of the Shariah, including good manners, standards of decency, courtesy, humanity.
The name of ADAB Solutions is a big responsibility for the creators of the project.
ADAB is a way of life in Islam, which the founders of the project consider not only natural in everyday life, but an obligatory foundation of business relations.


CEO, Founder
COO, co-founder
Deputy CEO of Islamic Finance
Internal Shariah Compliance Officer
Director of Marketing
Director of project promotion
Head of development Department
Graphic designer
Community Manager (Arabic)
Community development manager
Senior IT Advisor and DevOps
Sulaiman Al Fahim
Advisor on Investment and Strategic Development
Igor Karavayev
Strategic Advisor
Ali Al Khamis
Business Development Advisor

Mofassair Hossain
Advisor, PR & Marketing Expert
Gaurav Areng Chakraverti
Marketing ICO Advisor
Jorge Rodriguez
Former Ethereum/White Hacker
Vladimir Malakchi
Marketing expert


  • Beginning of the study of the cryptocurrency market in the Islamic community.

  • Formation of goals and objectives to solve the problem of access of Muslim population to the cryptocurrency market.

  • The development of the philosophy and mechanics of the exchange, based on the principles of the Islamic financial model.

  • ICO to finance and promote the Islamic cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Development of the program mechanism of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange.

  • Registration of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange. Start of work on AdabCrypto (News Portal & Forum) and Adab Charity.

  • Alfa release of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange, functionality and security check.

  • Launch a large-scale marketing campaign, in order to attract new users on a large scale.

  • Beta release of the Islamic Exchange First Islamic Crypto Exchange with the support of cross-platform trading clients.

  • Official launch of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange.

  • Expansion of the functional content of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange

  • Run Adab Charity.

  • Formation, on the bases of ADAB Solutions platform and First Islamic Crypto Exchange, of a reliable and developed infrastructure based on the principles of Islamic finance. OUR TEAM


Price in ICO1 USD = 10 ADAB
Investment Info
AcceptingETH, BTC
Tokens Distribution72% - Participants of pre-ICO and ICO
15% - Reserve fund
8% - Founders and team
4% - Advisors and experts
1% - Bounty-company
Soft cap2,500,000 USD
Hard cap13,090,000 USD


Legal entity

Registration Address: 1st Floor,Al Shmookh Business Center, Sheikh Zayed Stree, Umm Al Quwain, U.A.E., 7072, United Arab Emirates

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Prehistory of project

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Product or its MVP

Adab solution platform

Blockchain experience

Internal Shariah Compliance Officer MUFTI FARAZ ADAM – Advisor at Blockchainology ;


Director of Marketing ALEKSANDER MAMASIDIKOV – ICO Advisory Board (Member) at IDACB ;


Advisor Mofassair Hossain has a lot of experience in blockchain, all projects are listed in his profile ; 


Marketing ICO Advisor Gaurav Areng Chakraverti – Expert at ICOBench ;

ICO Advisory Board (Member) at IDACB ;

Chief Marketing Officer at CannAvenue , Bitmillex ;

Co-Founder, CEO at Lucre ;


Advisor Jorge Rodriguez – Former Ethereum/White Hacker at PATRON , OPP Open WiFi ;


Advisor MICKAEL DAMOUR – Advisor at MyCryptoBank ,

COO at FlashMoni ;


Marketing expert Vladimir Malakchi – Head Of Marketing at GlobalADSNetwork , GazCoin .






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Update 18/09/2018

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