PowerCorp 2/5 (1)

PowerCorp brings asset backed stability as well as wave mobility to the volatile crypto market. Asset holders can become part of the Power Corp blockchain by owning leases against their assets. The leasing structure transpires to Power Tokens generation. This gives the Power tokens a value stability. The Powercorp platform underpinned by the Wave software facilitates for hundreds of transactions per second.

WAR FIELD 3.75/5 (1)

Here at WAR FIELD, we are building a totally new kind of game economics: blockchain driven. Our new economic platform will be a breakthrough for the gaming industry around the globe.

Eventa ICO 2/5 (1)

Democratizing ticketing and its distribution via blockchain – building an Open Protocol for dis-intermediating and creating a transparent ecosystem for event organizers.

ENDO Protocol 3.5/5 (1)

ENDO is a Blockchain Protocol designed for verification, storage and exchange of data.
We provide a ready-made solution for organizations – the ability to deploy their own private Blockchain for data storage, verification and transfering it from paper to digital form.
It’s a new protocol with unique decentralized infrastructure combined with all advantages of the Blockchain technology.