THAI CLUB COIN 1.25/5 (1)

Join the growing crypto community for a bright future! Thai club coin is a cryptocurrency based on the system of cryptography. This Is an encryption method for greater security and safety of transactions and funds. It functions on the blockchain platform which is like a peer to peer network like a social network.

Jointly 2.5/5 (1)

The Jointly platform, designed by the JP company, allows people to invest into the ICO system using the group-investing method. In this way, financers can obtain valuable bonuses and a major amount of tokens just by investing an amount of funds that equal (in terms of value) to a single investment.

META 2/5 (1)

META token, built on Metaverse blockchain, has been developed with the intention of gaining mass adoption via smartphone users. It launched via a token sale on December 5th and represented a unique opportunity.


The Flashmoni token is a utility token. This product is not a digital currency, security, commodity, or any other kind of financial instrument and has not been registered under the Securities Act, the securities laws of any state of the United States or the securities laws of any other country, including the securities laws of any jurisdiction in which a potential token holder is a resident.

Exenium 4.25/5 (1)

Exenium is a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange implemented as a chat-bot for the most popular messengers. XNT is a digital token released for the purpose of attracting a large number of users on the Exenium Exchange. A legal review conducted by our team ensures the full compliance to new regulations on Initial Token Offerings.

Tag World Exchange 3.75/5 (1)

Twex is a revolutionary cryptocurrency sold through an ICO. Investment is lent to multi sizes companies. Each of them will pay to a common pot 1 % of their sales yearly. This common pot will be augmented by 30 % of all profits made by TAG World Exchange Platform. The total will then be divided by the total number of TWEX Tokens issued and paid to each TWEX owner.