MediChain 4.5/5 (1)

MediChain gives patients ownership of their own medical data. MediChain is a medical big-data platform. It allows patients to store their own data in a secure way and give access to specialists anywhere regardless of the payer network or EMR (Electronic Medical Record) used.

Energy Premier 3/5 (1)

The future of electricity trading – Energy Premier Coin (EPC). It’s a faster, cheaper, safer way to trade electricity. Participate in a $ trillion global market that’s growing. Sign up today to participate and enjoy a 30% bonus.

H+ Coin 2/5 (1)

For managing everyday health anytime, anywhere Hplus provides you the blockchain, which in turn provides you the power to manage your own health. Store your medical records and history on a system that is tailor made for the health care sector.

MillionCoin 2/5 (1)

MON is a token based on Ethereum blockchain. The platform that we are planning to develop thanks to the funds obtained, will be a comprehensive ecosystem, gathering in one place innovative and unused, until this moment, areas of the cryptocurrencies’ market.

Libidocoin 1.5/5 (1)

Libidocoin is the payment and access control solution that the adult industry has been waiting for. It has long been known that payments for adult services and products are difficult – credit cards are unreliable and creators often end up cheated.

iShook 3.5/5 (1)

At iShook, our goal is to connect content creators and audiences while leveraging the blockchain technology and of course to ensure rich content is delivered to end users. What began as a vision and successful platform that enables publishers and booksellers to distribute their works to millions of users are seeking to break those limits and move to all forms of content.