MOO Token Sale 3.5/5 (1)

CloudMoolah is an aggregated payment system which combines popular localised payment methods such as Telco top-up cards, Prepaid cards, E-banking and the new MOO token. It also enables game developers to collect in-app revenue from gamers who do not own credit cards.

Tawarruq Token 3.25/5 (1)

iP2PGlobal brings together best practices of traditional banks and the world of cryptocurrency into one peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platform. It connects borrowers and lenders from across the globe on a single platform in a trusted, fast and easy manner. This is powered by our newly introduced proprietary utility token, TWQ, which is based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 Smart Contract Platform. You can be assured that at iP2PGlobal, inclusivity in personal financing is not something we merely strive for.

MOS Lottery 2.25/5 (1)

MOS Lottery the first and only decentralized lottery platform was developed to solve fair and transparent issues in the lottery play by using blockchain smart contract to ensure all single bet is fair and fully transparent. BE THAT DIFFERENCE between making a difference and take part in the creation of THE NEXT LEVEL OF TRUST using the only decentralized lottery platform that makes a difference.

Netwex 2/5 (1)

Based in Singapore, Netwex is an open source all-in-one decentralized peer-to-peer crypto community. With their vision to harness the power of waste-to-energy to run crypto mine, Netwex was conceptualized to provide various investment opportunities to the users. Their state-of-the-art trading bot (SATB) works on an AI-based trading algorithm and is believed to self-improvise exponentially with increasing number of transactions.

Paymon 3/5 (1)

Paymon is a blockchain platform that connect all market participants through new scalable blockchain – Hive. Paymon suggests its own view of standard Blockchain, introducing ways of dealing with most issues of existing cryptocurrencies: the scaling problem, archaic architecture, low speed, and high transaction fees. Our new blockchain Hive improves all cryptocurrency instruments: from technology and infrastructure to regulatory compliance with current regulations.