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Сardboard building-sets for children and adults
Yohocube is an educational building-set made of cardboard. It consists of two elements: a cube and a prism. A building-set is rapidly becoming more and more popular all over the world, which is confirmed by new awards that the product keeps receiving. Yohocube is an educational platform for both children and parents, Its main target is teaching children and forming social skills through interaction between digital interactive environment and a toy.



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27 Mar 2018

Price in ICO1 YOHO = 0.1USD
preICO start27 Mar 2018
preICO end13 Apr 2018
ICO start20 Apr 2018
ICO end17 May 2018

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Yohocube produces cardboard building-sets for children and adults. Castles, soccer balls and cars, interior and furniture are assembled by virtue of Yohocube building blocks. A child assembles a figure as origami from flat spreads without glue or scissors. The strength of the cardboard is sufficient to disassemble and reassemble toys, change the shape of the structures, and draw on their surface. The building-sets are used for group games, children's studios, game rooms and outdoor activities.
Ecological and eco-friendly movement is growing popularity in the world. Toys that will be given in good hands when the child grows up, will eventually break down and end up in a dump or boringand seem like an unsuccessful choice. People choose products that do not harm the environment. 3D puzzles, plastic toys, outdoor toys - all lose their meaning with the loss of several parts. Some toys have a threat of sharp objects to hurt the child.
For free creativity, Yohocube sets suggest specific compositions, however, the details are joined together and assembled into figures of any size. Fortresses, scenery for the game or children's furniture are made of large details. Smaller details are of the size that is cannot be swallowed and easy to notice. All the details are soft and don’t hurt to sleep on. Yohocube is safe both for the health of the child and the environment. Yohocube aspires to occupy a niche in the market of "developing toys" at the intersection of Education, Building sets, Hobby and Creativity segments.
The concept of Yohocube is based on the principle of educational entertainment, or gaming education. In the last decade of the 20th century, this term began to appear periodically in newspapers, which was associated with the rapid development of business education. This approach proved its worth and was also used in business education becoming a didactic breakthrough in the field of improving business skills of adults.
Now it's time for the children. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder prevents children from concentrating on important things. Being in front of a computer all day long is breaking social ties, thus forming a lonely person who can hardly adapt to social life. Yohocube is building the world's first cardboard building-set platform designed to introduce children to blockchain technology through understanding how to unify processes of the real and virtual world. We present an innovative program for teaching children the philosophy of blockchain. The phenomenon of Bitcoin and the rapid spread of blockchain technologies in various fields of activity - from finance and insurance to public administration - are of explosive interest, giving rise to contradictory opinions and numerous speculations. We see an unlimited innovative potential for creating new economic and business models.
The building-set constructive features of flat parts for assembling into three-dimensional models without glue and scissors develop motor skills in children.
As well as imagination, it teaches to invent three-dimensional models, to use hands and develops assiduity. The child builds figures in the virtual world, then transfers them to the real world through an independent step-by-step assembly. At the same time, inherent internal gaming platform accrues rewards for every successful step in the process. The goal of the project is to build a new generation who understands interaction with the blockchain through the game from early age.


Elena Chuykova
CEO and Founder
Denis Dedkov
Co-owner, Finance
Timur Kazantsev
Co-owner, Marketing
Rustam Guseynov
Co-owner, Promotion and development
Vadim Zhinkin
Lawyer, International law
Igor Golikov
Co-owner, International Expansion expert
Svyatoslav Yakimov


  • Expanding operations on the Russian market.
    Development and launch of an online platform for children in at least 10 languages implementing its main functionality: assembly of a customized object in virtual space with recommendations for assembling this object in reality and sharing the object on the platform with tokens, contests and promotions.
    Launching a production site in China.
    Optimization of logistic trade schemes in Asia, as well as delivery to America and
    Conducting a large-scale advertising and PR campaign in Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam.
    Development and design of a franchise package for Yohocube hobby corners.
    Participation in international exhibitions: China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other countries of Asia.
    Opening of 10 own Hobby-Corner: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok.

  • Conducting a large-scale advertising and PR campaign in Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam. Launch in India and Pakistan.
    Planned development and implementation of full functionality of online platform according to the White Paper.
    Participation in thematic international exhibitions, including Europe and America.
    Opening an additional 70 Hobby-Corners, including 30 for the franchise. Only 80 shops.

  • Conducting a large-scale advertising and PR campaign in Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan. Starting PR in the EU and the US.
    Maintenance and development of the platform, mass connection of partner programs, expansion of the number of active users.
    Opening additional 170 Hobby-Corners, including 120 Hobby-Corners for the franchise. Only 250 shops.

  • Maintenance of advertising and PR activities in major countries.
    Opening additional 140 Hobby-Cornes, including 100 for the franchise. 390 shops in total. 50, 000 active users on Yohocube online platform.

  • Maintenance of advertising and PR activities in major countries.
    Opening additional 130 Hobby-Cornes, including 90 for the franchise. 520 shops in total with 340 of them via franchise.
    100, 000 active users on Yohocube online platform.


Price in ICO1 YOHO = 0.1USD
Investment Info
AcceptingETH BTC
Tokens DistributionICO - 84%
Advisors, partners, supporters - 5%
Founders - 5%
Bounty - 6% including tokens allocated to building-sets
Soft cap5,000,000USD


Prehistory of project

No real prehistory of project were found.

Product or its MVP

http://yohocube.com/ – current online store

Blockchain experience

Svyatoslav Yakimov https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100022154588332  (Solidity-developer) won an award at the hackathon 2017 as a part of team Gamity https://gamity.io/


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Updated 13.03.2018


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